There was a time, not so long ago, that I was capable of making a decision – when self-doubt didn’t come flooding in. Simple decision like what to wear and when I needed to get my hair cut. Other decision seemed easy too – when to go on holiday, change a job, move house all part of the life journey.

But now indecision reigns which is evident in the fact that my hair is now down to my waist. But cut it. Should I? Won’t I? Heavens above – as the hairdresser said to me – it isn’t like getting a tattoo. Well it mightn’t be a bit deal for him but then he has shaved his head – so does HIS opinion count when it comes to MY hair.

Sorry I went off on a tangent there. Back to the indecision. My mother was a great matriarch, she was decisive and most of us didn’t even consider disagreeing with her. She seemed to be right….most of the time. Is it fear of failure, or making a mistake, of being seen to get it wrong that has lead many of us to this state of ‘dithering’. I can see that this is part of my quest for ‘what the hell now and if not now then when?

Mistakes will happen but good things will too. So I am going to start to cast my indecision to the wind and, if all else fail, maybe I will get that tattoo… or will I? Start…I said start –give me a chance.