‘Critics’ make you wonder how you ever managed to get out of bed in the morning and get dressed, all on your own. You would think by now I would have more sense than to ask their opinion.

What brought all this on?
Well, I just had a call from my ‘critic’ and ibn a moment of madness I suggested I read them my blog.
Blog read – SILENCE

‘Are you still there?” I asked
Unfortunately they were – and I flinched at the tirade of questions.

Is What the Hell Now a question or exclamation?
What is the purpose of a blog?
Who is going to read it?
Why would you want to bother?
Have you got time to start something like this?

“I didn’t ask you to do an analysis –I just asked you to listen to MY BLOG!”

Oh well, came the reply. Maybe it will encourage some people to meet their friends for lunch.
Damn – point totally missed. Is it about meeting friends for lunch? Sort of but not in a physical sense. It want it to be about conversations, shared with friends at lunch.

So – what comes after this will be my BLOG. And it will be both a question and exclamation and maybe sometimes a primal scream. My intention is to engage us in conversation, to talk about everything and anything and above all to try and ignore the ‘critic’.

PS…if you don’t know what a blog is – Definition: A BLOG is a Web Log – an online diary.. Makes sense now, doesn’t it.