I bought a book today, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, to help me de-clutter. There is a certain irony in that! I have now added another item I need to find a home for. But it does promise to ‘transform your home into a permanently tidy, clutter-free space and be amazed at how your whole life changes’.

Well I would have been mad not to give it a go. I am a hoarder…there I have said it and I know that I am not alone. Are you a hoarder too? I take the blame for a lot of the stuff I have…but not all of it. Some belongs is my daughter and my late Mum. Some I have saved from the bin when my husband had a clear out. I recently climbed into a giant dump bin to retrieve a brass bracket he had thrown out and found the climb out wasn’t quite that easy. Once inside the bin I could no longer reach or access the ladder. It was only the embarrassment of having to explain what I was doing in there that gave me the strength to drag myself out – somewhat battered and bruised. I don’t like throwing anything away and can always see a use and purpose for every item. Couldn’t I make a coat out of those old curtains.

Buttons, you never now when you might need one and those old magazines have lots of good reading material when I get time. Truth is. Too much stuff! So I am making a pledge: I am going to throw away ONE thing a day, which is 7 items a week which is 30-31 items a month which is 365 items in a year. Do you want to join me and start your clearance? I am going to write a list to keep me honest and moving forward. Write your list too. This does not include plastic bags/jars/tissues and other household garbage. This is a serious de-cutter in action. Bring on the MAGIC.