I am a Gemini, so can possibly be excused for my constant search for new things to do…and not do when I lose interest. So I was filled with enthusiasm when I can home from the library with a bundle of American craft, home decorating books.

Wow – you should see the crafts that people create. Here was something to do NOW, an opportunity to make interesting little things and no this was not going to be a knitted toilet roll holder! However, I made the decision today to NOT read any more crafty home magazines because they go like this…. “ …..looking for ribbon to decorate the jars of my homemade jam that I made from the berries I collected as I foraged for mushroom in the woods. As I walked I knitted a jumper from the wool I had spun from the grazing sheep. Reaching home I made cheese from their milk while I stirred a nourishing broth from the vegetables harvested from my kitchen garden…” Okay I made that up…but only a wee bit. They are either carving pumpkins for Halloween or making a wreathe for the door at Christmas or creating cloth acorns using the little pipe.

Now I am filled with guilt when I drive over those little pixie pipes thinking I should be creating a table decoration. And I haven’t even touched on Thanksgiving decorations or sponge painting (see video below and if you think sponging is a good idea you need to come and see me for a private consultation). Does anyone really do all these things? I hope not because, suddenly, I feel extremely inadequate!