About? Now there in lies a tale or two BUT this isn’t about what went before but rather what lies ahead. What the hell NOW – if you get my drift.

I have a lot of ‘what the hell now’ moments especially when I think about the future and people say “When are you going to take it easy and put your feet up?” Oops did I just whimper or did I imagine it! Will life really get better OR worse. It happens when I am technically challenged trying to download photos off my phone, when booking tickets online and the screen freezes, when the ticket machine in the parking building refuses credit cards and doesn’t like the crinkle in my $5 note.

Questions arise as to what happens when husbands retire or we find ourselves alone. Do we downsizing the house and drop back to one car (NO!!). Do we join clubs. Don’t make me go on the bus trips! I don’t have the answers but my BIG plan is that we come together, in this little place, to create a collective resource, where we learn, laugh and resolve these questions through our shared experiences.

Oh What the Hell….let’s start and see where we go and maybe then we can all say what it is ‘about’. In case you are sitting there saying Carolyn WHO/WHAT – here it is in a nutshell.

  • Author of the NZ Best Selling Kiwi KISS Diet and nine other best-selling books. The latest is Fries with That?
  • Founder of Weigh In Slimming Clubs (1984)
  • Founder of Weighinonline.com (2007)
  • Graduate Auckland University Double Major Psychology/Education
  • Guest Chef Good Morning Show