When I ask myself the question “What the hell now?” and then add to that ‘what would be my ideal outcome’ the answer, for me, is clear.

Friends who can come out to play. So I have this theory – a plan. We need one best friend who we tell everything, saves having a therapist, and we also need 5 good friends for fun and activities. Each friend has their specialty. One enjoys the movies –perfect for catching a matinee mid-week. Another enjoys art exhibitions trips to the museum, one loves to go on long leisurely walks followed by a coffee and don’t let’s leave out a shopping buddy.

Especially one who loves vintage preloved clothes. Retail therapy without the buyers remorse. My friend Christine and I – well we have a music session. She plays the ukulele and I play the spoons…yes really! And we laugh and laugh and laugh. Friends are our most valuable resource.

Gather those closest to you, value their company and look forward to each precious encounter.